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What is the Customer Agility Framework ™

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is an evolution upon the Agile Manifesto rather than the existing Agile Frameworks. It contains contains two missing links in agile organizational design firstly “What work should be done” and secondly “How can work be qualified as impactful”. It is not just focused on outputs but rather takes a holistic […]

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What is Customer Agility ™

Agile World is a philanthropic 501(c)(3) Public Charity initiative Agile World Institute ® soft launches Customer Agility ™. Customer Agility ™ is an evolution upon prior understandings of Customer Agility so that the entire organisation is focused on delivering the best possible experience to the end customers as part of both the requirements process and […]

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SXSW24 Proposal Customer Agility Framework by Agile World ®

SXSW24 Proposal Customer Agility Framework by Agile World ® While Agile has become mainstream gaining value consistently has not. This new Customer focused Agile Framework is explicit to aid adoption and facilitate adaptation for Customer Agility, Enterprise Agility, Divisional Agility, Solutions Agility and Delivery Agility use cases. Please vote for our #SXSW24 proposal (requires free […]

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