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Ecosystem Demo, while Agile World is newly incorporated in August 2021 some of the initiatives have been running for months, on this page we will show the quarterly System Demo’s. A system demo (in our case an ecosystem demo) is an agile event for assessing the current state of both the strategy and current initiatives and to reflect upon them, gather feedback and then focus, refine or redirect resources.

Demonstration Attendance

The demo will be attended by everyone involved including our donors and benefactors so they can see what they are involved in we have set up a YouTube Channel to display recordings of the demos and will organise through the Agile World Meetup.

The agenda will be provided before each demo in advance.

Demonstration Initiatives

Our initiatives are at various stages in their evolution, taking a world view of the adoption of Agile is a long term commitment and will take years, so far we have been operational since January 2021 and achieved a massive engagement which will build over the next few years.

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