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Agile World LogoAgile World ® is a philanthropic Public Charity 501(c)(3) based in California that is supporting Initiatives that are creating free Agile entertainment and education resources for the public good, focusing on increasing the quality of life for everyone.

Agile World ® founders Sabrina C E Noto and Karl A L Smith want to establish and support initiatives that create free multilingual educational and training resources that provide materials for everyone regardless of their current circumstances.

At Agile World ® we recognise that mindsets are not easily changed but need evidence before choosing change. It is essential to understand that better ways of living or working cannot be imposed, but rather they must show tangible benefits to people lives before they adopt them as better ways to live and they become the norm.

Mindsets change with benefits gained, Co-Founder Karl A L Smith

Agile World ® has created a volunteer run ecosystem of nine organisations with over 80 digital presence locations in eleven months of voluntary work. Our volunteers are amazing people who have made a commitment to help people they may never meet, all while working full time, managing their home lives and relationships and being good citizens.

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