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Education is hope, dreams, prosperity, love, it's LIFE

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Agile World LogoWhat is Agile World, Agile World is a Corporation based in California that is creating free Agile education and training resources.

The reason behind it becoming a charity is that its founders Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith have created a nonprofit organisation with a focus on educational and training initiatives that provide free training resources for everyone and want to offer that worldwide.

Sometimes you need to live your dreams to make them real, Co-Founder Karl A L Smith

Our Founders will fight for the vision of free Agile education and training and their efforts are being rewarded with recognition and invitations from major media platforms to syndicate the materials being created. They have created a volunteer run ecosystem of nine organisations with over 40 digital presence locations in six months of voluntary work, while working full time as Agile Consultants, managing their home lives and relationships and being good citizens.

What is Agile?

While Agile started in Software development it is now used everywhere for everything. Agile affords the opportunity for anyone to take control of their lives and circumstance by visualization of the current reality and to plan and communicate how they will move through their circumstances into a new reality of life.