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Sabrina C E Bruce CEO of Agile World

Sabrina C E Noto the CEO of Agile World and a Co-Founder with Karl A L Smith. She is an agile coach in business transformation who works with leadership and teams. She has a passion for uncovering their behaviors that allows them to be the very best they can be within their career, home and workplace.

By day she is a consultant with a track record for training and enhancing Agile Teams and Leadership in agile principles. She enables them to select methodologies to work more efficiently and continue to set expectations,  but by night she follows her dream of giving back to the community with so many amazing people through Agile World. She started the original Agile World talk show with Karl A L Smith in January 2021. Sabrina has recently started a new talk show with her co host Steve Moubray call Agile World Wellness to help support the community when it comes to health using Agility.

Sabrina has always had a passion to help more with the Agile community working with Scrum Alliance and the Agile20Reflet festival. She believes that there is quality and experience in knowledge. Agility is not just a framework or a method, it’s a way of life and thinking that can help all. Agile World is the place to show this. Sabrina is also a co-author of a book “Agile An Unexpected Journey”.