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State of Agile Culture 2023 with Agile World ®

Agile World ® is supporting the 2023 Agile Culture research project. This project is being delivered using unique technology within a survey that collects the truth about agile culture using the Neurotech® platform the people analytics technology. The survey objectives are; Compare how organisations have changed over the last year Understand the impact different leadership […]

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Agile World Community Hub

Agile World is excited to announce the commencement of its Community Hub. The Community Hub has been created by Carla Krieger in her role as Director of Communities to establish a place for communities involved in using agile to create a better world to become connected and support each other. If you are involved in […]

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Jatin Sanghavi Co-host

Jatin Sanghavi is the co-host and coordinator of the Agile World Indie show and volunteer. Jatin is a dynamic, energetic, results-oriented IT Leader with 25+ years of expertise in Business and Technology, including extensive experience in hands-on enterprise coaching, direction, portfolio management, application design, development, and deployment, infrastructure, change management, and IT/Enterprise Agile transformation. He is […]

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Cynthia Kahn Co-host

Cynthia Kahn is the co-host of the Agile World Better English show and volunteer. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could take the essence of the agile practices we apply to software development and change our approach to business and life in general? Cynthia Kahn knows it’s possible. For over 20 years, she’s been helping software […]

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