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Cynthia Kahn Co-host

Cynthia Kahn is the co-host of the Agile World Better English show and volunteer. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could take the essence of the agile practices we apply to software development and change our approach to business and life in general? Cynthia Kahn knows it’s possible. For over 20 years, she’s been helping software companies apply agile concepts to set goals, create action plans, and achieve the results they want. Now, she applies the same agile techniques as she coaches businesses on how to focus on what’s important, reduce overwhelm, and remain competitive.
In 2016, Cynthia co-founded GSD Mindset, an agile consultancy. GSD stands for Get Stuff Done She helps businesses clarify their objectives, then plan and build products customers love. Cynthia also co-authored the GSD Scrum Handbook and created the popular Scrum in 1 Day workshop.
Cynthia gives back to her agile community by advising to the Scrum Alliance. She speaks about all things agile to international audiences. If you’re interested in learning how she applies agile principles in her personal life to become happier, check out Cynthia’s TED talk on the TED YouTube channel