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Initiatives Volunteer

Sinora Bansal Co-host

Sinora Bansal is the co-host and coordinator of the Agile World Indie show. She is an Agile transformation leader and SAFe Program Consultant with over 10 years of experience in technology, leading corporations through agile transformations and building high performing teams in IT and Marketing projects of medium to high complexity. When on the grounds, […]

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Steve Moubray Former Co-host

Steve Moubray Former co-host of the Agile World Better English show and volunteer. Steve is a Lean-Agile Coach with a passion for Community Building and the Meetup I’m honored to host, Agile Coaching DC, just celebrated our 5-year anniversary and 2,000 members. With over 20+ years of experience in all different levels from the mailroom to […]

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Philip Rogers Former Content Creator and Editor

Philip Rogers was a content creator and editor for Agile World Publishing and volunteer at the Agile World nonprofit organisation. Phil Rogers believes in the power of simple ideas to change the world, and has been working for several decades with individuals and teams to help them along their continuous improvement journey. Phil started his career […]

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Jatin Sanghavi Co-host

Jatin Sanghavi is the co-host and coordinator of the Agile World Indie show and volunteer. Jatin is a dynamic, energetic, results-oriented IT Leader with 25+ years of expertise in Business and Technology, including extensive experience in hands-on enterprise coaching, direction, portfolio management, application design, development, and deployment, infrastructure, change management, and IT/Enterprise Agile transformation. He is […]

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Cynthia Kahn Co-host

Cynthia Kahn is the co-host of the Agile World Better English show and volunteer. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could take the essence of the agile practices we apply to software development and change our approach to business and life in general? Cynthia Kahn knows it’s possible. For over 20 years, she’s been helping software […]

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Jayshree Nair Co-host

Jayshree Nair is the co-host for the Agile World Indie show and volunteer. Jayshree has over 12 years of experience in the Learning and Development domain across various industries and organizations. She has designed, developed, and facilitated various technical and professional training courses. She has also helped Edutech start-ups to identify education improvements and developed learning […]

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