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Miriam Sasse Co-host

Miriam Sasse Agile World Co-hostMiriam Sasse Co-host of the Agile World Deutsch show and volunteer. Dr. Miriam Sasse guides you to peak performance in turbulent times. With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, BSc Psychology, bestselling author, Enterprise Agile Coach and Transformation Lead in an international media company, she is one of the most recognized experts on agility, resilience, organizational design and transformation. Her books on Agile Transformations with OpenSpace Agility and the Agile Short Stories are available in German and English. Miriam Sasse addresses current trends and the latest scientific findings and captivates her audience with her refreshing, educational and inspiring style.

Miriam Sasse Co-host shows that leadership and organizational design must be rethought in order to create agile and resilient companies. In her search for the better working world, she breaks the boundaries of classical thinking: letting employees participate voluntarily and making problems transparent in order to provoke talent. She irritates in a charming and endearing way and makes it clear that the new working world looks people- and customer-centric. Miriam Sasse is regional group leader of the GPM (German Project Management Association) as well as lecturer at various universities.