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Agile World in top 70 podcasts you should listen to in 2022

Our Agile World Broadcast Network show Agile World on Apple Podcasts has been honoured today by being listed in the 70 Podcasts from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders You Should Listen To in 2022.

Agile World Thinkers360 70 Podcasts 2022

“We’ve searched the Thinkers360 Content Library to pick out podcasts on business, technology and sustainability from Thinkers360 member thought leaders. Here’s our picks (listed in alphabetical order) with direct links to the podcasts as well as to the author’s thought leadership profiles and portfolios on Thinkers360!”

Congratulations to everyone in the list and all the volunteers (see the TEAM) from Agile World who have worked so hard in 2021.