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Miriam Sasse Co-host

Miriam Sasse Co-host of the Agile World Deutsch show and volunteer. Dr. Miriam Sasse guides you to peak performance in turbulent times. With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, BSc Psychology, bestselling author, Enterprise Agile Coach and Transformation Lead in an international media company, she is one of the most recognized experts on agility, resilience, organizational design […]

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Janna Philipp Co-host

Janna Philipp Co-host of the Agile World Deutsch show and volunteer. Fascinated by getting to know new cultures, Janna Philipp first went to Australia after graduating from high school, then to the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, then to New Zealand for a semester abroad and finally to the Copenhagen Business School. While still […]

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Jean Michel Diaz Co-host 

Jean Michel Diaz Co-host of the Agile World Deutsch show and volunteer. Echometer combines continuous feedback and agile retrospectives to kick-off an employee-driven improvement process. Users say “An ingenious tool & quantum leap in our ways of working.” LinkedIn:

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Ellen Duwe Co-host 

Ellen Duwe Co-host of the Agile World Deutsch show and volunteer. Agile Transformation & OKR Coach, Trainer and Consultant at hxi GmbH, Business Mediator, Project Manager and Podcaster. Ellen Duwe started her career in Process Auditing which is where she learned that its the people (not just the software) that make processes work. Since then she’s […]

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