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Initiatives Volunteer

Julia Shipitsina-Buchholz Co-host

Julia Shipitsina-Buchholz is a Co-host of the Agile World English show and volunteer. She is marketing strategist, consumption anthropologist, neuroscience phd researcher, Certified Executive Business Agility Strategist with in-house experience working with such global brands as SAMSUNG, L’OREAL, MARS & WRIGLEY, as well as other international brands in the role of strategic director within advertising […]

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Karl A L Smith Co-host

Karl A L Smith co-host of the Agile World English Language Show and volunteer. He is fairly eclectic in his engagement with work and the wide skills he has developed over the years. His educational background includes a Social Sciences including Psychology and Social Anthropology, Industrial and Craft Design, Education and Enterprise Computer Science. He […]

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Sabrina C E Bruce Co-host

Sabrina C E Bruce is the co-host of the Agile World English Language Show and volunteer. She is an agile coach in business transformation who works with leadership and teams. She has a passion for uncovering their behaviors that allows them to be the very best they can be in the workplace. She is also passionate […]

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