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Karl A L Smith Co-host

Karl Smith Agile World Co HostKarl A L Smith co-host of the Agile World English Language Show and volunteer. He is fairly eclectic in his engagement with work and the wide skills he has developed over the years. His educational background includes a Social Sciences including Psychology and Social Anthropology, Industrial and Craft Design, Education and Enterprise Computer Science. He has been recognised for his eminence in Human Centered Design and Business Leadership by the British Computer Society with a Fellowship (FBCS). Karl is dedicated to finding solutions to everyday human problems and would not describe himself as a technologist.

Karl is a technology key opinion leader (KOL) with a focus on ecosystems in infrastructures and has been involved in the 5G Forum since 2016. His blog has been going since 2001 and averages 4,400,000 to 4,800,000 views a year, he has over 22,000 followers on LinkedIn, 40,000 on Twitter. Karl was a volunteer in support of the recent Agile20Reflect Festival taking overarching responsibility for technology as CTO to upskill other volunteers and do the lift and shift from the old to the new web presence. Karl is a qualified High School Teacher and utilises key learning techniques in his corporate work. He also has over twenty years experience in Youth Work, Counselling and has been involved in delivering Aid.

Education is very close to my heart, through education and training people begin to envision themselves to be more than anyone thought they could be including themselves.

Karl has published several books including, Designing for Human Experience, a short guide to Agile Transformation and been one of ten Authors on Agile an Unexpected Journey. He is currently working on several other books including a short guide to Customer Experience, a short guide to Human Stagnation 1920 to 2020 100 years of stasis and a short guide to Agile World the untold story He has always been fascinated by how technology can augment the lives of humans;

My desire was not to build things that humans already do but to find out how technology could evolve our human experience.