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Karl A L Smith unpacks the latest technology trends

Karl A L Smith unpacks the latest technology trends in this episode, a must-listen for business leaders looking to prioritise investment. A new perspective with Karl A L Smith Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts Transcript Speaker 1: Ready to explore the extraordinary world of tech, welcome to the XTech podcast where we connect you with […]

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Agile World joins PayPal Giving Fund

Agile World is happy to announce that the PayPal Giving Fund has accepted our application to join the fund PayPal Giving Fund helps people support their favorite charities online. We receive donations through PayPal, eBay, and other technology platforms and make grants to our donors’ recommended charities. PayPal Giving Fund is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) […]

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Agile World Announces 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status as Philanthropic Public Charity

Agile World, is proud to announce it is now officially a nonprofit with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Agile World is also now eligible to apply for government and foundation grants, which will further broaden its access to resources and strengthen its ability to support initiatives that create […]

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Happy Holidays from our Founders

Our Agile World charity Founders Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith would like to say thank you to everyone involved in what has been a busy and fulfilling year. Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone. Carol Dekkers, April Jefferson, Angela Thornburgh, Ana Lobo, Jessy Drewsen, Dr Miriam Sasse, Janna Philipp, Jean […]

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Agile World Co-Founder talks to Engati CX about Agility in Business

Karl A L Smith Co-Founder of Agile World talks about what Is an Agile Organization and shares some examples of Agility in Business. He also talks about the next normal and agile working and how HR can help other departments become Agile. Engati is the world’s leading multilingual Digital CX platform. It is a one-stop […]

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Agile World Ecosystem Demo

Ecosystem Demo, while Agile World is newly incorporated in August 2021 some of the initiatives have been running for months, on this page we will show the quarterly System Demo’s. A system demo (in our case an ecosystem demo) is an agile event for assessing the current state of both the strategy and current initiatives […]

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Welcome to Agile World

Welcome to the Agile World, our mission is to support educational and training initiatives that provide free Agile training resources for everyone. Agile World is committed practical Agile knowing that it can have a fundamental and positive impact on individuals, communities and businesses by aiding them in their everyday life. Agile World Volunteers We are […]

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