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Philip Rogers Former Content Creator and Editor

Philip Rogers Agile World Editor and Content AuthorPhilip Rogers was a content creator and editor for Agile World Publishing and volunteer at the Agile World nonprofit organisation. Phil Rogers believes in the power of simple ideas to change the world, and has been working for several decades with individuals and teams to help them along their continuous improvement journey. Phil started his career as a US Air Force Officer in the late 1980s, which was a formative experience, where he learned important lessons about leadership, taking ownership for decisions, and understanding what teamwork looks like in practice, in situations with great consequence. Since leaving the Air Force, Phil has worked in many organizational contexts, including public sector, private sector, and not-for-profit, enjoys learning new things from each experience, and loves to apply those lessons to help people achieve their objectives.
Phil engages with the Agile community in numerous ways, including starting what is now a popular Trello board containing dozens of retrospective facilitation techniques, and sharing his insights on various podcasts. He has also been writing extensively about Lean, Agile, and continuous improvement on his blog since 2014.
In his spare time, Phil is a volunteer crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line, and hopes to return soon to one of his favorite activities that has been on hiatus during the pandemic, serving as a volunteer paleontologist at the FossiLab in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Phil and his wife have four adult children, and in addition to spending time with the kids in their various geographies, they enjoy cycling, hiking, film, theater, and live music.