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Julia Shipitsina-Buchholz Co-host

Julija Sipicina-BuhgolcaJulia Shipitsina-Buchholz is a Co-host of the Agile World English show and volunteer. She is marketing strategist, consumption anthropologist, neuroscience phd researcher, Certified Executive Business Agility Strategist with in-house experience working with such global brands as SAMSUNG, L’OREAL, MARS & WRIGLEY, as well as other international brands in the role of strategic director within advertising agencies. Currently she is engaged as an executives trainer at Tinkoff Bank, leader of social startups, and university professor.

Julia is passionate about cross-discipline approach in whatever she does – in her 17+ years of experience she had been working in various functions – marketing, sales, finance, HR; she is having an MBA from University of Latvia and Steinbeins University, Germany, as well as Master of Financial Management and  Master of Socio-cultural Anthropology. This gives her a possibility to see things from different angles, think of creative solutions and work based on the principles of people-centricity, diversity and sustainability.

Julia combines her professional development with academic projects. She is course author, professor, scientific supervisor and educational project lead in Moscow State University Business School, National University of Science and Technology MISIS Moscow, Penn State University, Riga Stradins University etc. for such courses as Strategic Management, Strategic Marketing, International Marketing in Global Environment, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Neuromarketing, Agility, Sustainability, Leadership, Professional Development etc.

Julia believes that Agility should be spread around all the corners of the world and all aspects of life and business. Julia has been a trustee and volunteer of Agile20Reflect Festival and  AccessAgile, certified by EBAS by AgilityHealth and ICP-BAF by ICAgile.