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Dr Karen Smith Advisory Board Member

Dr Karen Smith Advisory Board Member, Education Advisor at Agile World and volunteer. Former Deputy Head of the CASS School of Art, London. Specialising in education management, widening participation, positive student experience including public events, work related learning, quality enhancement, management, and student achievement, CPD, curriculum development and validation, research, consultancy and enterprise strategies, promotion […]

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Walter Jennings Advisory Board Member

Walter Jennings Advisory Board Member at Agile World and volunteer. Developing and building the corporate reputation at HashKey Group, the digital asset leader. Focused on raising awareness and understanding of digital assets, financial technology, and the benefits of regulation. Responsible for corporate communications and most facets of marketing. Defined brand and refreshed logo. Created brand family for […]

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Agile World in top 70 podcasts you should listen to in 2022

Our Agile World Broadcast Network show Agile World on Apple Podcasts has been honoured today by being listed in the 70 Podcasts from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders You Should Listen To in 2022. “We’ve searched the Thinkers360 Content Library to pick out podcasts on business, technology and sustainability from Thinkers360 member thought leaders. Here’s our picks […]

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Kieran Keegan Creative Director and Advisory Board Member

Kieran Keegan Advisory Board Member, Creative Director at Agile World and volunteer. I’ve been navigating the exciting and ever-changing worlds of advertising, brand and digital for over 20 years. With a creative background of advertising and brand I have developed my know-how and expertise to Creative Director through working with amazing individuals, on worthwhile projects […]

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