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Agile World Institute ® Trademark Registered

Agile World Incorporated 501(c)(3) is excited to announce that today the USPTO issued our trademark for the Agile World Institute ®.

Agile World Institute ® is a formal educational institution that recognises that

Mindsets change with benefits gained

people do want better lives, but often don’t have to skills and knowledge to affect change.

We recognise that mindsets are not easily changed but people need evidence before choosing change.

It is essential to understand that better ways of living or working cannot be imposed, rather they must show tangible benefits to people lives before they adopt them

The Agile World Institute has been set up to create free educational materials, that establish new patterns of living and working for human benefit.

Agile World ® Incorporated Supported Organisation

The Agile World Institute ® is an initiative of Agile World ® a philanthropic 501(c)(3) Public Charity organisation with a focus on free agile resources

Agile World Incorporated (CALIFORNIA CORPORATION), TA Agile World 5551 Hollywood Blvd #1250

Hollywood, CALIFORNIA 90028

CLASS 41: education services, namely, providing classes, seminars, workshops, tutoring, and mentoring in the field of middle and high school reform; education services, namely, training educators to teach through service learning and civic engagement and providing curricula in connection therewith; arranging and conducting educational competitions for students in the field of business; audio mastering; cinematography services; computer education training; computer education training services; conducting workshops and seminars in self-awareness; consulting services about education; desktop publishing for others; editorial consultation; educational services, namely, developing curriculum for educators; educational services, namely, developing curriculum for teachers; entertainment services in the nature of live visual and audio performances, namely, musical, variety, news and comedy shows; entertainment services, namely, non-downloadable ringtones, pre-recorded music, and graphics presented to mobile communications devices via a global computer network and wireless networks; entertainment services, namely, providing on-line, non- downloadable virtual shows and events for use in virtual environments created for entertainment purposes; information on education; personal training services, namely, strength and conditioning training and speed training; presentation of musical performances; production of movie special effects; providing a web-based system and on-line portal for customers to participate in on-line gaming, operation and coordination of game tournaments, leagues and tours for recreational computer game playing purposes; providing a website featuring non-downloadable photographs; providing educational information and test questions in the academic field of mathematics; providing information about online education; providing information in the fields of education and entertainment for children via a website; providing information, news, and commentary in the field of current events via the internet; publication of online texts of interviews featuring lawmakers in the field of pending legislation for educational purposes; publication of online texts of interviews featuring scientists in the field of astronomy for educational purposes; research in the field of education via the internet.

Agile World Institute ® Trademark