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Agile World Inc. acquired by Agile World Incorporated

Agile World Incorporated is excited to announce that it is acquiring the management consulting and niche consultancy corporation Agile World Inc.

Agile World ® is focused on Venture Capital and Private Equity strategy consulting. We are a niche consultancy involved in creating future proofed companies, businesses and organisations who are fully aligned and therefore engaged with their customers, clients and business ecosystems. We support company decision making on business optimization, service integrations and exit strategies that underwrite high impact investment and value realization.

Agile World ® is involved is a number of bespoke consulting services all focused around New Ways of Working. The greatest catalyst for innovation and change are humans and in many organisations they are the untapped reserves, the producers, that keep the lights on and make it all happen.

The greatest catalyst for innovation and change are humans

Ours services are linked to our passion for driving towards expanding the working opportunities for humans by the removal of the mundane and wasteful practices that should be automated or digitised.

This acquisition marks the end their time in Delaware that started in 2006 and they will be joining us in California.

As a nonprofit corporation Agile World Incorporated is governed by strict rules around how we operate as such this acquisition is intended to support our philanthropic activities from its profits. As a globally engaged education and innovation organisation we see consulting as a natural extension of these capabilities.