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Agile World Appoints Editor in Chief of Agile World Publishing

Agile World is excited to announce the appointment of Philip Rogers as the Editor in Chief of Agile World Publishing as it expands into new and more ambitious publishing activities supporting diverse communities focused on discovery and education for all humans.

Agile World Vision is to provide free Agile materials for everyone and reduce the barriers to knowledge and education that otherwise exist for a large proportion of the world because of languages, finances or an individual’s physical location. Agile World is also committed to Practical Agile knowing that it can have a fundamental and positive impact on individuals, communities and businesses by aiding them in everyday life.

As the Agile World charity work expands it is clear that many committed voices provide clarity of action and support a focus on taking the next best action.

We are excited that Agile World now has an Editor in Chief of Agile World Publishing and a new member of our Advisory Board.